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The C.A.P. Is On The Go

We are the C.A.P. we're on the go.
We're always, always, always on the go.
We are ready in peace, ready in war,
Ready for what we're needed for,

Down on the ground, up in the blue,
Set to protect the living likes of you,
From training cadets to flying patrol,
With air supremacy our goal,
We of the C.A.P. want you to know,
We're always, always, always on the go.

In this land of the free,
We'll protect our liberty,
So feel secure to know,
That the Civil Air Patrol is on the go.


A brief excerpt from introduction in the 2014 Iowa History Report by Maj Casey Schroder

The Iowa Wing completed its 73rd year of service to the citizens of Iowa and to the United States of America. The Iowa Wing was established in December 1941 following the creation of the Civil Air Patrol under Administrative Order 9. The wing was officially placed under the command of Major Daniel J. Hunter, CAP on 11 Dec 1941. Maj Hunter was serving as the chairman of the State Aeronautics Commission. The vice commander was Captain Don Johnston, whom was also on the State Aeronautics Commission.

During World War II, the Iowa Wing was tasked with an assortment of missions. Initially, the Iowa Wing assumed authority to guard civilian airports from local police on 17 December 1941. At the same time, the State of Iowa gave control of all civilian aircraft to the Iowa Wing, Civil Air Patrol as most civilian aviation was banned following the attacks on Pearl Harbor, HI. Shortly after, civilian aircraft were required to file flight plans with the War Department for approval or risk the penalty of being shot down.

The Iowa Wing’s most notable wartime mission was its strong participation in the Civilian Pilot Training (CPT) Program. While this program was created in 1939, it was not until 06 March 1942 when it was extended into Iowa. With the help of the Civil Air Patrol, the program opened onto 15 airports with hundreds of applicants. Although it is unknown how many young men were trained through CPT Programs in Iowa, the programs were instrumental in the eventual expansion of Iowa’s general aviation. In fact, over 30 airports still in use today were the result of the CPT programs and political lobbying by Iowa Wing members.

The Civil Air Patrol was tasked with homeland security missions early on in the war. On 25 March 1942, the Iowa Wing was given its first homeland security mission. The organization flew 20 minute reconnaissance flights over water dams, bridges, railroads, munitions plants, highways, and other areas considered of strategic value. Operating from the Ottumwa Airport, the Iowa Wing provided 10 aircrews and aircraft that flew 20 Iowa State Guard personnel over these sites. As a result, the State of Iowa was immediately impressed with the skill, dedication, and abilities of the civilian pilots.

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  • Spaatz Awards
  • Gill Rob Wilson Awards
  • Squadron History
  • Past Wing Commanders
Name Certificate # Issue Date Unit
David H. Adams 55 November 1967 Dubuque
David J. Froiseth 302 December 1974  
Scott B. Zima 400 December 1976 Ames-Boone
Eric D. Vander Linden 466 March 1978 Des Moines
Thomas J. Ackerman 499 January 1979 Des Moines
Dean A. Westpfahl 602 April 1982 Cedar Rapids
Erich A. Bridges 638 April 1983 Davenport
Randy W. Goodson 742 April 1985 Waterloo
Edward C. Kellogg 760 July 1985 Cedar Rapids
Julie R. Plummer 805 June 1986 Des Moines
Bryan P. Birchem 922 December 1988 Des Moines
Kevin B. Johnson 951 August 1989 Red Oak
Jude R. Sunderbruch 1067 June 1991 Muscatine
Lance W. Lange 1134 Sepember 1992  
Douglass R. Jansen 1400 1999 Ames
Casey L.C. Schroder 1520 January 2004 Iowa City
Rebekah L. Kepple 1624 January 2007 Cedar Rapids
Elizabeth Spoerl 1709 September 2008 Dubuque
Adam Waccholz 1829 January 2012 Ft. Dodge
Jacob Napp 1869 January 2013 Dubuque
Noah Schuetz 1990 April 2015 Dubuque
Name Certificate # Issue Date Unit
Judy C. Miller   1975 Dubuque
Arthur W. Long   1980 Wing HQ
Jack T. Black   1983 Red Oak
Col James Black   1984 Wing HQ
Col John Lalla   January 1986 Wing HQ
Kurt A. Hahn   1987  
Lt Col Sheila Waldorf 1101 January 1989 Burlington
David L. Stookey   1989  
Lt Col Steve Palmquist 1294 January 1991 Waterloo
Col Ramona Shaver   1992 Wing HQ
Lt Col Ray Fict 1758 January 1997 Burlington
Col Michael Krenz 1954 January 2000 Cedar Rapids
Maj Terry Spitzer 2001 November 200 Washington
Lt Col Doug Tindal 2051 May 2001 Washington
Lt Col Gerald Lowry 2235 December 2003 Davenport
Col Ralph Tomlinson 2243 February 2004 Wing HQ
Maj Eric Schneider 2270 June 2004 Dubuque
Maj Ronald Scheitzach 2273 July 2004 Dubuque
Lt Col Allen Chilcote 2282 October 2004 Des Moines
Maj Suzanne Tomlinson 2449 November 2006 NW Iowa
Lt Col Mike Mouw 2647 March 2009 Wing HQ
Maj Susan Chilcote 2659 May 2009 Des Moines
Lt Col Ralph Cole 2733 January 2010 Wing HQ
Lt Col Anita Elliott 3134 June 2014 Wing HQ
Maj Casey L. C. Shroeder 3178 August 2014 Wing HQ
Name Charter # Commander History
Wing Headquarters IA001 Col Anita Elliott Chartered 1941
Des Moines Composite Squadron IA002 2d Lt Michelle Elliott Chartered 1942
Des Moines Senior Squadron IA002   Deactivated
Red Oak Optimist Composite Squadron IA003   Chartered 1942/Deactivated 1991
Southwest Iowa Composite Squadron IA003 1st Lt Drue Powers Chartered 2010
Black Hawk Composite Squadron IA004   Chartered 1942/Deactivated 2005
Burlington Composite Squadron IA005 Maj John Ellis Chartered 1942
Northwest Iowa Composite Flight IA007   Deactivated
Northwest Iowa Composite Squadron IA007 Maj Jim Currie Chartered 20014
Sheldon Composite Squadron IA033   Chartered 2008/Deactivated 2010
Davenport Composite Squadron IA041 Maj John McDermott Chartered 1942
Dubuque Composite Squadron IA043 1st Lt Nathan Schuetz Chartered 1942
Cedar Rapids Senior Squadron IA051   Chartered 1976/Deactivated 2012
Ames-Boone Composite Squadron (formerly Boone Composite Sqdn) IA065   Chartered 1969/Deactivated 1984
Morning Sun Composite Squadron IA066   Chartered 1970/Deactivated 1975
Estherville Composite Squadron (formerly Iowa Lakes Composite Sqdn) IA067   Chartered 1971/Deactivated 1997
Muscatine Composite Squadron IA068   Chartered 1971/Deactivated ???
Council Bluffs Composite Squadron IA069   Chartered 1971/Deactivated ???
Fairfield Composite Squadron IA070   Chartered 1971/Deactivated ???
Webster City Composite Squadron IA071   Chartered 1972/Deactivated ???
Group IV Headquarters IA072   Chartered 1972/Deactivated ???
Des Moines Metro Cadet Squadron IA072   Chartered 2006/Deactivated 2014
West Iowa Senior Squadron (also known as Audubon Composite Sqdn) IA073   Chartered ???/Deactivated ???
Iowa City Senior Squadron IA074   Chartered 1972/Deactivated 1973
Motor Rescue Squadron IA074   Chartered 1975/Deactivated 1979
Indianola Composite Squadron IA075   Chartered 1976/Deactivated 1980
Sioux City Composite Squadron IA076   Chartered 1976/Deactivated 1977
Nishna Valley Composite Squadron IA077   Chartered 1975/Deactivated ???
East Iowa Cadet Squadron (formerly Cedar Rapids Cadet Sqdn) IA078   Chartered 1976/Deactivated 2012
North Iowa Composite Squadron IA079   Chartered1976/Deactivated 1993
Fort Madison Composite Squadron IA080   Chartered 1976/Deactivated ???
Burlington Cadet Squadron (formerly Hawkeye Cadet Sqdn) IA081   Chartered 1977/Deactivated 1982
Darrell Lerch Composite Squadron IA082   Chartered 1979/Deactivated 1993
Des Moines Senior Squadron IA083   Chartered 1984/Deactivated 1998
Northwest Iowa Composite Squadron IA084   Chartered 1984/Deactivated 1986
Northwest Iowa Composite Flight IA084   Chartered 2001/Deactivated 2003
Waverly Composite Squadron IA085   Chartered 1984/Deactivated 1993
Atlantic Trogan Cadet Squadron IA086   Chartered 1985/Deactivated 1986
Southeast Iowa Composite Squadron IA087   Chartered 1986/Deactivated 2003
Siouxland Composite Squadron IA088   Chartered 1988/Deactivated 1990
Buffalo Ridge Composite Flight (formerly Sac County Composite Sqdn) IA088   Chartered 1993/Deactivated 2001
Pochahontas Composite Squadron IA089   Chartered 1993/Deactivated 1998
South Central Iowa Composite Flight (formerly Decatur County Composite Sqdn) IA090   Chartered 1998/Deactivated 2002
Central Iowa Composite Squadron (formerly Central Iowa Composite Flight) IA091   Chartered 1999/Deactivated 2008
Washington-Brinton Cadet Squadron IA092   Chartered 2001/Deactivated 2006
Hawkeye Composite Squadron IA103   Chartered 2003/Deactivated 2006
Cedar Rapids Composite Squadron IA129 1st Lt Paul Pate Chartered 2012
Iowa State University ROTC Squadron IAR01   Deactivated 2003
University of Iowa ROTC Squadron IAR02   Deactivated 2003
Iowa Legislative Squadron IA999    
Name Term    
Maj Donaiel F. Hunter 1941-1944    
Col Donald C. Johnston 1944-1948    
Col Willard O. Fuller 1948-1950    
Col Harold E. McKinney 1950-1955    
Col Robert J. Wade 1955-1958*    
Col Hal D. Rogers 1958-1964    
Lt Col Edward J. Whisler 1964-1965    
Col Allen E. Towne 1965-1968    
Col William B. Cass 1968-1970    
Lt Col Robert A. Graybill 1970-1971*    
Col William R. Gold 1971-1972    
Col William B. Cass 1972-1975    
Col Patricia J. Gigstad 1975-1979    
Col Donald M. Bailey 1979-1981    
Lt Col Evan R. Winters 1981-1982    
Col James L. Black 1982-1985    
Col Phyllis A. Dolin 1985-1986    
Col Eugene C. Kellogg 1986-1988    
Col Ramona J. Shaver 1988-1992    
Col Larry D. Toigo 1992-1996    
Col Sheila J. Waldorf 1996-1998    
Col John F. Lalla 1998-2000    
Col Rex E. Glasgow 2000-2002    
Col Russel E. Smith 2002-2004    
Col Ralph F. Tomlinson 2004-2008    
Col Ronald Scheitzach 2008-2013    
Col Mike Mouw 2013-2015    
Col Anita Elliott 2015-present    

*Passed Away in Office