Iowa Wing Health Services Officer
Maj Casey Schroeder


People are the most valuable asset of any organization. This is especially true of any voluntary organization such as CAP. In order for those people to perform their tasks well, they should be optimally healthy, physically fit, and well-trained. Physical fitness, health promotion, environmental protection, and skill and knowledge in providing emergency care are readiness issues. Training at every level must reflect these issues. Since CAP is an integral part of the Air Force family, a program reflecting the foregoing is necessary. CAP health services' overarching program goal is to assist our entire membership to become and/or remain optimally healthy and fit, and to be skilled in providing basic emergency care. This means:

  • CAP members should have the knowledge and skills to perform emergency health care such as CPR and first aid.
  • CAP members should strive to reflect US Air Force fitness and health promotion values.

CAP health service personnel are responsible for advising CAP commanders and unit personnel on the health, fitness, disease and injury prevention, and environmental protection of CAP members relevant to CAP activities, with special emphasis on those members involved in flying, emergency services and disaster relief activities, field exercises, encampments, and special activities.