As a senior squadron, the membership of the Des Moines squadron is limited to adults age 18 and older (senior members). The membership rolls include approximately 20 seniors.

Senior members of the squadron participate in a wide variety of activities. These activities may include:

aircraft search and rescue missions aerial reconnaissance missions counterdrug flights to support law enforcement agencies orientation flights for CAP and Air Force ROTC cadets disaster relief support for state and local agencies aerial photography for local, state, and federal agencies transporting time-sensitive medical materials and blood products searching for missing persons flight training and glider encampments for cadets radiological monitoring homeland security support continual initial and refresher training aerospace education

The squadron is equipped with a Garmin G1000-equipped Cessna 182T. Based at the Ankeny Regional Airport, the aircraft is used to support our missions and training needs. The aircraft is well-equipped with multiple communication and navigation systems, direction-finding electronics for search and rescue missions, and can carry imaging equipment for disaster relief operations. Photos and more information about the aircraft can be found on the Photos page.

Members of the squadron may serve in a number of capacities. Individuals volunteer or are assigned to fill staff positions such as Personnel, Safety, Administration, and Public Affairs, and can also serve on the operations side of the squadron, performing in emergency services specialty positions such as mission pilot, observer, ground team member, and incident commander.