Dubuque Composite Squadron has made positive strides towards recruiting and retaining active cadet members. The Squadron’s cadet core of learning has strengthened from last year as well as cadet involvement in activities. While the Squadron has made progress, there are still a number of weak areas that need improvement. These include the retention of essential senior staff, customs and courtesies, and lack of administrative space. Also, senior administrative duties need attention.

In order to address these weak areas and to increase membership, future squadron plans include 1) the creation of a cadet color guard for community involvement and promotion; 2) have 50% SAREX attendance at a minimum of Urban Direction Finding (UDF); and 3) fill essential senior staff positions. Dubuque Composite Squadron is planning on hosting two aerospace education activities with local area schools. Lastly, the Squadron is anticapting leadership training for at least 75% of incoming cadet NCOs and senior member staff.